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How to Look Younger

  » Beauty & Style

Doing Yoga and Pranayam(breathing exercises)also helps in staying young. Feel young at heart and also don't forget to take regular walks at least for 5 mins.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by edumate 2013-09-08 08:47:05 am    

Chinese Feng Shui History

  » Social Science

It is basicaly a science but the cheats twist it left and right to swindle people. When the Chinese were living in caves, their survival depended on wind and water. Feng = wind and shui = water. With the water plants could grow. The wind cooled the caves.

Tip Credibility: 16

submitted by pohtiongho 2013-08-27 10:18:51 am    

Crappie Fishing

  » Games & Recreation

Another common problem is fisherman using the wrong size hook. Also, don't be afraid to crush the barb, it's easier to remove the hook and won't make it harder to hook a fish.

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submitted by fishingtipsdepot 2013-08-01 11:28:46 pm    

Natural ways to permanent weight loss (16 ) Healthy Eating (B)

  » Health

Great tips,But before you can start any weight loss journey i will advice you to great plan for yourself,how much pound am i going to lose in a week,visualize your desire future body weight.then now for you to start your diet program and others

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by olayinka00 2013-07-05 02:04:01 pm    

Best Dishwasher to Buy for the Money 2013

  » Home & Garden

Here's a great review of the best dishwasher to buy for the money in 2013.

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by landonpc 2013-05-16 01:45:09 pm    

Natural Cures For Anxiety

  » Health

Anxiety is a maladaptive focus on future worries. Keep yourself grounded in the present by stimulating your senses; for example, by smelling lavender oil or running a warm cloth across your face.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by J.Matheson 2013-01-10 09:17:15 pm    

Best Selling Books UK

  » Society & Culture

It is always good to know what are the best selling books in the UK, whether for gifts for yourself or for friends and family. Read the current list of bestsellers plus a short description of each book.

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by IzzyM 2011-06-05 09:43:24 am    

Breeding from Your Quarter Horse

  » Pets

If you wish to breed from your Quarter Horse, have him/her checked for genetic diseases. Some bloodlines carry genes for PPSM, GBED and/or others. These diseases are discussed at

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by JudyE 2011-05-31 08:22:02 am    

How to learn to play guitar

  » Entertainment & Music

Take lessons from a teacher and use sites like YouTube to learn. Buy some instruction books and play with other players to get your timing down.

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by brlamc 2011-05-30 06:48:04 pm    

Using Dragon Naturally Speaking 11

  » Computers & Internet

I do quite a bit of writing when I am commuting on trains and buses. I use paper and pen for this. When I get home I can dictate my writing into the computer using DNS. Works great!

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by dpeach 2011-05-28 09:41:10 pm    

Is a woman interested?

  » Family & Relationships

A woman will often use body language to let a guy know if she is interested. Look for that "lean" into you and the subtle body-language cues to gauge her interest.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by attractionmaster 2011-05-26 02:02:54 pm    

Weight Loss Help and Tips

  » Health

The Weight Loss Tips Site gives you hundreds of free weight loss tips and discusses weight loss programs, weight loss methods and many other ways...

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by healthtips 2011-05-14 03:07:47 am    

How to improve your memory

  » Personal Development

Practice using some of the memory tricks like the peg system is a way to increase the power of your memory

Tip Credibility: 76

submitted by Spondicious 2011-05-07 01:14:47 pm    

How to Overcome Jealousy

  » Personal Development

Realize that jealousy is a feeling created by your perceptions of another person. When you envy another person, you are viewing that person through a skewed and faulty perception, not through reality. Instead, focus on what you are grateful for.

Tip Credibility: 79

submitted by papersun 2011-01-12 05:07:27 pm    

Earn Dollars & Get Backlinks & Get Friends

  » Computers & Internet

Earn dollars writing at InfoBarrel! And get dofollow backlinks. As an extra benefit you will be met in a friendly and helpful network. No investment$ ever - Just use some of your creative skills

Tip Credibility: 14

submitted by askformore 2010-12-16 05:51:58 pm    

Tips To Relieve Stress

  » Personal Development

Communication is key to relieving stress in your life. If you have a friend you can talk to openly and honestly, seek them out. 

Tip Credibility: 83

submitted by personaldevelopment 2010-12-06 10:07:50 am    

Fishing quote (Funny)

  » Personal Development

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat & drink beer all day.

Tip Credibility: 85

submitted by DreamLife4U2 2010-10-02 07:34:48 pm    

Stationary Bikes and Elliptical Machine Prepare Joggers and Hikers for Adventure

  » Sports

Jogging is a great, efficient weight loss as well as exercise strategy. Using an elliptical machine or a stationary bike can help joggers and hikers get fit before a trip.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by fascinating 2010-07-18 08:58:05 am    

Google Adsense, Blogging, Passive Income

  » Business & Finance

Make your income passive by displaying ads on your blog for Google Adsense and writing articles to send visitors to your blog.

Tip Credibility: 5

submitted by averagejenny 2010-07-05 04:08:00 pm

  » Business & Finance

Up your affiliate commissions from Clickbank by starting a blog and promoting your affiliate links and giving reviews.

Tip Credibility: 5

submitted by averagejenny 2010-07-05 04:00:50 pm    

Work at home

  » Business & Finance

Please Please do not think about leaving your day job yet .Internet marketing is a never ending race and is going too fast for parttimers takes HELL LOT OF TIME to suceed in it .Try to make a flowchart for ur self and follow it religiously

Tip Credibility: 16

submitted by contentwriter 2010-03-24 08:21:27 am    

how to deal with Nagging wives

  » Society & Culture

Two steps :- Get Power or.. Get money .. These are two sure shot ways to get things under your control

Tip Credibility: 5

submitted by contentwriter 2010-03-24 08:18:38 am    

prevent hairloss

  » Health

use nizoral 2% once a week .100% guarantee. Use himalaya hairloss cream

Tip Credibility: 58

submitted by contentwriter 2010-03-24 06:31:08 am    

Your 7 days program to self-improvement

  » Personal Development

Here are some of the things you can think and improve on that should be enough for a week: 1.Know your purpose,2.Know your values,3.Know your needs,4.Know your passions,5.Live from the inside out,6. Honor your strengths,7.Serve others

Tip Credibility: 55

submitted by Chaba 2010-01-07 01:10:26 am    

Health deficiency, what is it really?

  » Personal Development

Health can depend a great deal on what and how you eat. Our fast food/processed foods regime is a slow acting disaster. Eat good wholesome foods, a balanced diet and go easy on sweets and alcohol. A good attitude toward life is indespensible as well.

Tip Credibility: 60

submitted by edwinbrown 2009-12-05 01:17:53 am    
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