Why Do babies cry and how do you stop them from crying?  

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It's normal for babies to cry as it is the easiest way for them to communicate. The baby could be hungry, have wet their diaper, may need to burp, or they might want to sleep. Sometimes they just cry. Try rocking them as this comforts them.

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Babies often cry because they feal scared, or lonely if they are in another room. The best thing to do then is to talk to the Baby alot and pet it and kiss it and rock it around and make sure that it knows you care and are there for it.

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If your Baby is having pain from growing teeth a good way to stop that is to take fresh pepermint leaves and fold them up and place them DIRECTLy onto the tooth. This also works with any toothache.

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Get to know the baby. Know its cry's. It can either need changed,burped,it's too hot,colic where air gets into the tummy or teething, has a diaper rash. It could be a number of things. Try turning on the vacuum cleaner if all else fails.

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Babies are crying because it's their way of communication. They can't speak yet. As a mother or father you should find out what your baby needs: food, diapers change, hugging etc. and fulfill them.

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