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As a tourist in Amsterdam don't forget a boat trip on the canals

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As a tourist in Amsterdam you MUST visit the house of Anne Frank. Her story should never be forgotten. Read her book she wrote in that hide-out house; before the nazis killed her. ... Be inspired by the words of a teen-ager! Work for a better world!

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be sure to visit the van Gogh museum

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As a tourist in Amsterdam do not bring a car. Parking is difficult and expensive.

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Another attraction that is often ignored is Amsterdam's great parks. I highly recommend Vondel and Ooster Park. They are stunningly beautiful, have great walking paths and even have parrots (escaped pets that bred and now colonize the parks).

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In Amsterdam don't forget to visit one of the many 'coffeeshop' - a place where it is completely legal to buy and smoke pot (Cannabis). My tip is not that you have to smoke pot, BUT you must see this world famous legal sub-culture!

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be sure to visit the Rijksmuseum!

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Visit the Rijksmuseum - they have a stunning collection of Rembrandts

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Don't forget to visit Nemo museum. It's a museum of science and the building looks great.

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The Van Gogh museum has the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world. Spend a wondeful afternoon amongst the emotional colourful art work.

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