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Communication is key to relieving stress in your life. If you have a friend you can talk to openly and honestly, seek them out. 

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Try to find just 5 minutes for a mini meditation session. Lock yourself in a room, breathe deeply, listen to your breathing and visualise a happy scene or place, which makes you feel happy. Easier than trying to snatch half an hour when you are busy.

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Meditate, but use brainwave entrainment audios during your session. These will ensure that within a few minutes, your brain is at the perfect meditation "brain frequency". Without it, you may just end up dwelling (if even subconsciously) on your worries

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If you’re stressed due to work situations or family conflict, getting a good workout will help you relieve stress. You’ll be able to think and reason more clearly, which will help you deal with some of the core issues that are causing your stress.

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Life isn't fair. It's a bummer, but it's absolutely true. Ironically, recognizing this sobering fact can be a very liberating insight.

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One of the nice things about surrendering to the fact that life isn't fair is that it keeps us from feeling sorry for ourselves by encouraging us to do the very best we can with what we have.

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Allow yourself to be bored. For many of us, our lives are so filled with stimuli, not to mention responsibilities, that it's almost impossible for us to sit still and do nothing, much less relax--even for few minutes. We are human beings not human doings

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"Life is a test. It is only a test. Had this been a real life you would have been instructed where to go and what to do." Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom,it reminds me to not take my life so seriously.

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One of the most unavoidable life's lessons is having to deal with the disapproval of others. Praise and blame are all the same is a fancy way of reminding yourself of the old cliche' that you'll never be able to please all the people all the time.

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Have you ever heard yourself, or someone else, say: "Don't mind John, he didn't know what he was doing"? If so, you have been exposed to the wisdom of "looking beyond behavior."

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Have you ever noticed or thought how little eye contact most of us have with strangers?Why? Are we afraid of them! What keeps us from opening our hearts to people we don't know?

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Become a better listener.I grew up believing I was a good listener. And although I have become a better listener than I was ten years ago. I have to admit I'm still only an adequate listener.

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Close your eyes and bring to mind those pleasant memories that you have had accomplishing tasks, especially go over those emotions of that overwhelmed you with pleasure and take time to enjoy it. Visualize the scene in detail, your stress will fly away.

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What do you know about that?


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