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BIGBAND JAZZ: Jerry Hoover, leader of the Mo.State U. "Dues Band" asked all former players back for Sit-In Revival Sessions. Many fine jazzmen 'Blew in and Blew again.' Talkshow Host Jim Bohannon came from DC. Great guy still plays great trombone!

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Please tune your instrument before you go on stage. If you tune by ear, please make sure everyone else acknowledges that you actually can tune by ear, other wise please use an electronic tuner.

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Be respectful of the band, especially if they're getting paid. This isn't your show, it's theirs, and it's a privilege to be asked to sit in. Pay attention and fit into what's being played.

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If you're expected to call the tune, make sure it's something the band already knows, or can learn easily on the fly.

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Don't drink alcohol while you're on the job with the band. Your playing quality will suffer even though you may think it sounds better (your judgement suffers too) and if you drink too much, you may alienate the band and your reputation will suffer.

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What do you know about that?


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