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When most of the litter is gone and the rest has some odor, use it to absorb oil in the driveway. Put it out dry, and scratch it in with your shoe. You will have a clean driveway and won't feel bad about wasting the last bit of litter in the pan.

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I do not have a cat litter box at all. When I want to be around a cat I go to friends houses who have cats.

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I use the clumping kind of litter and sprinkle the sand with baking soda after each time I clean the box. JayAdams suggestion of cleaning 2-3 times a day is highly recommended.

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In multi-cat households, follow the "one plus one" rule. One box for each cat in the house, plus one extra. This ensures that a free box is always available, and prevents disputes due to box guarding.

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I have four cats, and I've found that buying cat litter designed for multiple cats works better.

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Most cats would prefer slightly more litter in the box over less. Typically, 3 to 4 inches of litter is better than the often seen 2 inch recommendation. Your cat may have her own preference, so experiment.

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I also have 4 cats and a couple tips are to clean it out 2 to 3 times a day. If you don't have room for more than one box, use a large litter box for all of them. Also clean the box with soap and water once a week and replace with new litter.

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If you have no choice but to place the box on carpet, use a vinal table cloth under the box to catch litter, vinal side up. Then just pick the vinal up by the corners and filter the litter back into the box. They are cheap, I get mine at garage sales

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we use an automatic litter box - it helps cut down on smell and keeps the litter clean enough that the kitties arent miffed at a dirty box (we use scoopfree -, and have had great success)

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The secret is to keep the litter fresh. If it smells bad, the cat will find a place that smells better. Make sure to remove all traces of the odors after a "mishap" or the cat will use the spot again.

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I have 14 cats, so I've had a little experience here. :) I use clumping/flushable litter. Scoop the poop into a dustpan to be flushed down the toilet. Keep a sealed can with a plastic bag inside near the litter boxes for the urine balls & empty weekly.

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I am a vet. I am recommending cat litter designed for multiple cats to my clients. They too find it is very useful.

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Place litter boxes on hard, flat surfaces, like tile, for added box stability. Some cats will avoid boxes placed on carpet or soft surfaces as the plastic box may move too much as the cat moves around inside the box. Your cat needs to feel safe in there.

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Some cats prefer one box for urination, and one for defecation -or- they won't use a recently used box, even if they were the ones to use it. So, the "one plus one" rule may apply to houses with single cats as well.

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