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created by JamesNash 2009-07-18 01:34:47 pm

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Sure beats a list of "Places to Visit AFTER you Die!" Sorry! But seriously, you can BELIEVE these people who have actually been there far more than travel brochures. I'd add The Painted Desert, Ariz. at DUSK, and ALONE. Overpowering haunted beauty.

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submitted by trustbc 2009-07-28 09:07:18 pm    


Nelson Lakes National Park in the northern mountains of New Zealand's South Island. This is the hikers' paradise. Picture postcard lakes, rivers & mountains. The most beautiful fresh water, freah air, exhilarating views, peace & quiet and restful sleep.

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submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-08-26 02:00:00 am    

Greenland is just stunning. The people are warm and friendly, the weather is warm and sunny, believe it or not - with over 300 blue-sky days per year. We saw musk ox, huskies, reindeer 20m from our bus, and the Russell Glacier. And the ice cap - Wow!

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submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-08-25 07:52:24 pm    

I recommend Japan if you like hot springs, beautiful sceneries, a rich culture, great food and amazing colors. Japan has all of the above and is a place unlike others. But be sure to learn some basic Japanese before you go there!

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submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-28 12:42:22 am    

Sydney Opera House. Beautiful building in a magical setting.

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submitted by Impact Productions 2009-07-19 09:09:32 am    

China Harbin. There is a magnificent annual ice festival there with its beautiful display of ice sculptures in winter and is known as China’s gateway to trade with Russia.

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submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-20 03:10:31 am    


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submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-28 10:14:00 pm    

The Egyptian Pyramids is a place of wonder and a place you must visit before you die.

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submitted by JamesNash 2009-07-18 01:34:47 pm    

Walk through an African small village in the bush when it is becoming dark and experience the cooking and atmosphere among the families in the near dark with the fires for cooking lightening up the faces and you hear a lot of laughter.

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submitted by PhotoSoren 2009-07-20 02:11:56 am    

The Grand Canyon to make you understand the power of Nature and the Taj Mahal to see the creative genius of man.

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submitted by Tigga 2009-07-20 04:59:46 pm    

Bali! This is a paradise that you can enjoy just by spending a little money. Imagine, with just U$100+ you can stay in a one bedroom luxurious villa complete with private pool! Just check to see it yourself.

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submitted by sparkling 2009-07-22 02:36:30 am    


Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy area (northern France). This place is truly impressive and mysterious! It is a small rocky island with a beautiful old old castle on top of it.

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submitted by sparkling 2009-08-01 10:26:59 am    

Greenland is amazing: unique scenery, an impressive inuit population with unbelievable adapted culture and a history that challenge your imagination, including the first white settlers to North America.

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submitted by PhotoSoren 2009-07-20 02:07:51 am    

Interlaken, Swiss... for the most complete eternal snow experience before it's completely gone in... few years to come :-(

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submitted by sparkling 2009-07-22 02:38:15 am    

Digging a hole in the ground at one of New Zealands hot beaches and let the hole fill itself with 30° celcius warm water. Sit in and watch the sea, the long white clouds and the sunset. Awesome!

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submitted by chriscando 2009-07-25 09:17:18 am    

Col Poole's BBQ in Ellijay, Georgia. Go in late summer early fall and then get fresh apples too!!

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submitted by ontargetairsoft 2009-07-20 11:54:27 am    

La ciudad perdida, near Santa Marta in northern Colombia. It's a 1500+ year-old city, built on a mountain in the jungle. 3 days' trekking to get there; an absolutely incredible place. Like Machu Picchu, but virtually unheard-of.

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submitted by neverwasanoceros 2009-07-25 07:26:57 am    

Go and see the Fjordland in the south of New Zealand. Sitting in a kayak both sides towering the fjords 1000m in the sky and a pair of dolphins is joining you. Priceless!

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submitted by chriscando 2009-07-25 09:10:09 am    

A church or "CHUTCH!"

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submitted by Peekelly 2009-07-29 01:39:58 am    

He is right about the Painted Desert. Most beautiful colors of any desert. Petrified wood too, where ancient trees, when it HAD trees, left granular ghosts of themselves in the veins of trees long vanished.

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submitted by Raker 2009-07-29 08:16:47 pm    

I want walk on the moon. That is the place I want to go before I die. Not a joke.

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submitted by maliaam6 2009-07-29 10:03:51 pm    

Rome - The Eternal City - nothing can match it for richness of culture and history

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submitted by atticus 2009-08-05 04:33:58 pm    

Maldives Islands are likened to paradise on Earth by many. The country is under serious threat to due to sea level rise and may disappear from the map in the next decade or so.

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submitted by Asiatravel 2009-08-11 02:50:59 am    

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is a must. You'll need to save up some money, it isn't cheap, but it is the trip of a lifetime. Snorkeling with sea lions is the best part, but you'll also see a ton of wildlife close up and very photogenic!

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submitted by newtonpl 2009-08-17 06:24:32 pm    

Hawaii!... there are NO poisonous creatures there and the beaches are unlike any place on the planet. You can camp anywhere with temperatures between 70-80 all year round. #1!

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submitted by maliaam6 2009-09-01 12:28:27 am    

A spring flower tour of the well known Namaqualand flowers - a natural wonder - on the western, arid side of South Africa.

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submitted by kontrei 2009-07-27 06:29:03 am    

Northern Territory Australia,Litchfield National Park the Hot Springs at Mataranka, Alice Springs and The Red Centre for magical Daybreaks and Sunsets.

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submitted by SUPERGRAN!!!! 2009-07-27 09:42:42 pm    

Times Square in New York City - this area really exemplifies what the hustle and bustle of the big city are all about. A trip to NYC will not be complete w/o a visit there.

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submitted by RnBE 2009-07-30 10:20:00 am    

Old Chinatown in Singapore was great. Nice warm-hearted people, great cheap food, decent prices, not inflated tourist prices. We loved it.

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submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-08-03 06:01:50 am    

The city of Aachen in Germany was wonderful. The old cathedral - started in about 280AD by the Romans, and finished approx 1200AD - was totally stunning. It is real history, and we just stood and looked in awe.

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submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-08-03 06:09:29 am    

Koln/Cologne is Germany was very moving. The cathedral took over 600 years to build, and we climbed to the top, past the bells, and could see nearly 80km of the Rhine River. The stained glass windows were 45 metres tall, and they just took our breath away

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submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-08-03 06:12:40 am    

I would generally go with ancient places, such as the Great Pyramids, the temple of Abu Simbel (especially when approached by water), and I'd also add Petra, in Jordan, which has a beautiful colour when the light is just right.

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submitted by ParvoBuster 2009-08-03 06:42:20 am    

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submitted by kontrei 2009-08-25 07:23:43 am    

While South Africa was always known to be a Big 5 destination, you can now add two unique marine animals to that grouping! You can round off your South African safaris by also watching a Southern Right Whale and a Great White Shark.

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submitted by kontrei 2009-08-25 07:27:31 am    

Oudtshoorn, South Africa. William John Burchell, famous botanist covered 7 200 km and collected 63 000 specimens and objects. Enjoy biking, botanical and historical walks, birds watching and scenic 4x4 tours along the original pioneering track.

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submitted by kontrei 2009-08-25 07:39:14 am    

Rotorua in New Zealand. Unique small city with sulfur smell smoke on every corner of the city.

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submitted by rentvilla 2009-08-26 11:02:31 am    

I would suggest Pompeii in Italy, the city that was engulfed by the eruption of Vesuvius, untill you walk the ancient streets you cant imagine how it must have been to live in those times. Magical

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submitted by ironmonger 2009-08-29 12:49:53 pm    

The Redwoods in Northern California are absolutely awesome. Seeing them is almost other worldly. After seeing them for the first time a few years ago, my wife and I would plan a vacation just to see them again. One of the top wonders in the world.

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submitted by dlappin 2009-08-29 03:41:44 pm    

Raileh/Railay Beach Southern Thailand is one of my all time beach holiday destinations. Fly to Krabi take bus/taxi to Au Nang and then a traditional long boat to Raileh. Amazing snorkelling, scuba diving, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming and sunsets.

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submitted by carolinec 2009-08-31 04:20:21 am    

Surely you should not miss the Great Wall of China since that's the only man-made structure that can be seen on the moon, which makes you feel like you've been to the moon!

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submitted by apierce 2010-05-21 11:18:46 pm    

I'd vote for the Egyptian Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Valley of the kings, and all old treasures that Pharaohs left to teach us today about greatness.

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submitted by Original 2010-09-20 01:13:29 am    

What do you know about that?


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