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created by JamesNash 2009-07-21 01:17:13 pm

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> "La Vita e Bella" (Life Is Beautiful) - In its perspective on the Holocaust, Benigni's film is unique. In the middle of the infern the love of Guido vibrate with a fantastic force. Definitively a must see.

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submitted by outOfMatrix 2010-02-15 10:43:59 am    


Mr. Bean's Holiday when he goes to the Cannes film festival. A great movie about friendship, with wonderful humor and scenery.

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submitted by writelyapplied 2010-02-26 11:33:51 am    

It Happened One Night is a great, clean, character-driven comedy from the 1930's.

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"La Vita e Bella" (Life Is Beautiful) - is a beautiful film, but it can be used to chose friends too. - Never befriend someone who is unable to laugh AND cry when they watch this film! (Your best friends will be those who cry & laugh at the same time)

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submitted by askformore 2010-02-15 11:48:25 am    

Scent of a Woman, with Al Pacino — who won an Oscar for his role in it — and his now-famous line that has become a part of our culture: "hoo-ha!" The tango scene ... the Ferarri scene ... the prep school disciplinary hearing scene ... unforgettable!

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submitted by paid2write 2009-08-27 05:57:50 pm    

Dances With Wolves - A great story about acceptance of others and appreciating other cultures. Terrific acting and beautiful cinematography.

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submitted by Economizer 2009-07-27 12:52:18 am    


The Bucket List by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman - about discovery of happiness, love and what really matters in life just before death. Wonderful wonderful show.

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submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-26 09:54:25 pm    

Braveheart. Well structured movie which leads the viewer through a variety of emotions. Fantastic fight scenes.

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submitted by Impact Productions 2009-07-21 08:56:31 pm    

This TipDrop sheet couldn't exist without mentioning Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Stellar performances from the late Newman and Robert Redford. Nice balance of humor, drama, history and adventure!

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submitted by MisterPeach 2009-07-25 05:59:04 pm    

Hotel Rwanda and Schindler's List. These are true great stories of self-sacrifice and heroism in situations where you can conveniently walk away from and stay safe yourself.

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submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-27 12:58:44 am    

Forrest Gump... something in there for everyone.

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submitted by 5buckguy 2009-08-27 05:12:15 pm    


I love lots of movies, but must see before you die? I would vote for Signs (2002) with Mel Gibson & Joaquin Phoenix. It's much more than SciFi; delves into our belief system...but the SciFi part is FANTASTIC. M. Night Shyamaian wrote & directed it.

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submitted by lerey 2009-08-27 06:45:52 pm    

Casablanca. Incredible chemistry between Bogart (his first romantic role) and Ingrid Bergman, Nazis, intrigue, and a not so "Hollywood" ending.

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submitted by Smartbizdiva 2009-07-21 10:09:59 pm    

The Godfather... it's a classic mafia movie that is a must see..

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submitted by JamesNash 2009-07-21 01:17:13 pm    

The Birdcage. Robin Williams makes the funniest gay I've ever seen.

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submitted by tracysmith159 2010-02-26 03:35:07 pm    

All great choices!!! you also need to see the Blues Brothers and Animal House.

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submitted by ontargetairsoft 2009-07-21 10:17:02 pm    

I must say that Let it Ride is one of my favorite comedies and Seabiscuit is my favorite drama!

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submitted by ScareCrow 2009-07-26 02:03:30 pm    

The Outlaw Josey Wales - classic Clint Eastwood.

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submitted by saki5394 2009-07-26 08:50:08 pm    

Shindler's list

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submitted by maliaam6 2009-07-26 09:11:37 pm    

Gaslight... a classic film with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. The psychological term "to gaslight someone" stems from that film. It's about a husband who wants to make his wife seem crazy for nefarious reasons. Too good to miss!

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submitted by devon 2010-07-13 10:34:41 pm    

The Star Wars trilogy (the real one)

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submitted by patrick75 2009-08-11 09:16:06 am has a positive message about loving yourself and others, and Zac Efron is scrumptious.

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submitted by jordanfx 2009-08-26 03:07:11 pm    

Liar Liar, I never liked Jim Carey before that movie but he is outstanding in that one.

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submitted by zbikenut 2009-09-18 09:37:02 am    

Big with Tom Hanks. We have some of the greatest actors and writers producing stuff now.

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submitted by zbikenut 2009-09-18 09:39:27 am    

The animated movie UP. You can't help but enjoy this movie from beginning to end. Another friendship tale embraced by a love story. Kudos for its Oscar wins for best animated movie and original music score.

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submitted by writelyapplied 2010-03-10 01:08:46 pm    

Citizen Kane- The best romantic movie so far. It delivers the essence of love. If u plan to see one movie in your life, this is the one!!

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submitted by maestroredeems 2010-07-14 11:25:50 pm    

Just a few here. Casablanca, Wuthering Heights, Gone With the Wind, Sunset Boulevard, Charade, The Princess Bride, North by Northwest, any early Bond 007, Dances with Wolves, Arabesque, Doctor Zhivago, Spartacus, Braveheart, Rob Roy, Blackhawk Down TopGun

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submitted by FGual 2010-07-15 04:43:34 pm    

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