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Lighting makes the difference between a fair video and a great video. You can buy professional lights on Amazon if you shoot in a home studio. Or you can use the "work lights" from Home Depot if you're on a budget. But add light to your videos.

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Use a tripod where possible, otherwise hold the camera as steadily as possible.

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One thing you can do to make your video look more professional is to take the camera off automatic settings. When the camera automatically adjusts settings such as white balance and focus while it is shooting, it causes the feeling of the image to be inco

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Make slow moves. Abrupt zooms and pans should be avoided unless the shot really requires them.

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*continued* inconsistent and the video to look unprofessional.

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Suprisingly, if you are not actually planning a Hollywood shoot, the thing to look into is the Flip camera that takes excellent movies up to 120 minutes with full clarity. The simple and basic software that comes with the camera is great.

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Always keep in mind: What you see in the frame, is what others will see on the screen. Also, don't overuse cool editing effects.

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What do you know about that?


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