How to settle a crying or difficult baby  

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created by patsnip 2009-07-21 10:13:19 pm

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Whenever my babies would cry a lot I would walk across the street with them and swim along the ocean shore. The cool waters would open their eyes instantlyand stop their crying. It works everytime. If you do not live near a sandy beach try a pool.

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When you get your baby up to feed through the night, place a hot water bottle in his bed to keep it warm until you can put him back into his bed. But don't leave the bottle in the bed.

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A baby will sometimes settle by taking him for a ride in a car or taking him out in his pram.

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If using a dummy, roll up a small towel to support the edge of the dummy and keep it in. This way baby can push the dummy out/pull it back in himself and not wake himself up! But - only use props like this during times when you can check him regularly.

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If disgestive issues are not a concern feed the baby baby cereal. The carbs help the baby feel sleepy and they should go to sleep.

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My mother played piano to me and sang soft songs. it soothed me but the BEST thing for me was when she read me stories, that would ALWAYS stop me from crying. i would stare open eyed at the little picture books and watch her do funny sounds!

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With my son, I've noticed the more tense my wife and I are, the harder it is for him to calm down. When I'm relaxed and I hold him, it is as if he knows im calm and he stops crying. Peaceful moods soothe an infant like nothing else.

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Try turning baby on his left/right side if you are keeping him in the cot during the day and able to check on him regularly. But - keep baby on his back during the night for 'SIDS' safety!

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Less is more. Try simply resting a hand on baby's chest while settling him in the cot instead of actively patting him or rocking him. Stroke his forehead slowly with one finger, from his hairline down his nose. This can sometimes work a charm.

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i think that babies often cry because they feal scared or lonely. the best thing to do then is to talk to it alot and pet it and kiss it and rock it around and make sure that it knows you care and are there for it.

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