How to Save Gas - Start Saving Immediately With These Tips.  

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Note location of lowest gas price in a five mile radius. Plan your errands in a round robin circle which includes this gas station, and make it your pit stop.

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Accelerate and decelerate more slowly. This means anticipating when to slow down further in advance and also uses less gas.

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Remove any excess weight from the car, especially in areas like the boot. For instance, anything you are carrying for convenience, rather than because it is needed. Excess weight uses additional gas.

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Give yourself more time for commutes. Get up earlier and don't be in a rush. If you're in a hurry, you'll drive faster and carelessly.Instead, stay calm, be patient and take it slow. This will surely give you a constant speed and less gas usage.

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Join a van pool if you know of several people that are going to the same place. If you are going over 50MPH then using the A/C uses less gas than having the windows down. If you are going under 40MPH you burn less gas having the windows down probably

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If you have an automatic transmission, watch your RPM gauge while accelerating. Accelerate slowly while trying to keep your RPMs low. You will be surprised how much gas this saves.

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Plan ahead to decrease your braking. Your brakes waste valuable kinetic energy by turning it into heat. Coast into driveways & coast up to stop lights. Be careful, don't run any red lights or collide with anything while trying to save kinetic energy.

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According to the New York Times (NYT) nearly 79% of the 15 million commuting college students in the United States are seeking to reduce travel costs by turning to the Internet. Lamar University in Texas saw a 56% increase in enrolment for online courses

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