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created by KarenKramer 2009-08-30 05:11:28 pm

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I used the one day training method with all 3 of my girls and it was a dream. One day of intense interaction with just that one child and your potty training worries are over! Of course, you do have to figure out what to do with the other kids that day...

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Potty training can be frustrating but the main thing to remember is wait till your child is ready. There is no rule that says he/she must be potty trained by two. Your child will let you know when they are ready.

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Tips for potty training boys.. put cheerios in the potty and let him "shoot" the cheerios. Never yell at a child for having a "accident" and always praise and make it fun to use the potty.

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When i was small, my mother simply spoke to me alot and then showed me the potty. she actually peed in it and i think that was what made me get it!! Lol. then she moved me on to the big human's toilet. we had another two seats over it + steps leading up!

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Offering your child plenty of fluids maximizes the opportunity for your child to succeed at using the potty. This will make him/her need to go more often. Offer them a drink on a regular basis to encourage the most probability to be successful.

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Try catching your child in the act of pooping. Children often give clear cues that they need to use the bathroom — their faces turn red, and they may grunt or squat. And many kids are regular as to the time of day they tend to have a bowel movement.

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create or purchase one and add in peel off stickers each and every time your child uses the potty efficiently. These colorful charts are a convenient answer to entice your infant to potty on his/her own.

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Remember that selecting a chair that the child like is very important to help get training off in the right direction so take a quick look at all the different kinds of toilet training chairs.

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Try introducing your son or daughter to potty training by suggesting that her teddy or doll has to visit the toilet or potty.

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