How to Overcome Public Speaking Fear  

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RELAX! - Don't be afraid of forgetting some parts of your planned speech. Focus on the main flow of the parts: Opening, Main Content, and the Conclusion. - Your audience don't know your plan. So, do never ever say: 'Oh, I forgot to mention ... ...

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Public Speakers should get over "caring so much about THEMSELVES." Use your feelings into wanting to help "THEM" so much you forget about yourself. (Don't imagine them in their underwear -- you might start to LAUGH -- or just want to run away!)

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Focus on a great opening. The opening MUST be something that is very interesting for the AUDIENCE - It might be a question, ... it can even be a paradox i.e. 2 different answers to the same question. .. then take 7 seconds pause. .. relax THEN TALK!

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One way to remember content better;is to use Mind Maps.Not only does it helps to remember the content better,it also give room for flexibility,without having to start from point 1 and still able to finish the whole talk without leaving out any content.

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Do some informal talking to the audience before you start your speech. Like: "There are more seats upfront." , "Nice tie sir!", "Well, we have a good turn out." By the time you start, you'll be comfortable.

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Imagine that you're talking to someone who really likes you and respects what you have to say.

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I love to listen tot he teachings of the best public speakers of all time! One of my favorite resources on putting some humor in your speech is by Darren LaCroix - at - check out his website. his video will have you laughing!!

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Best way to over come public speaking fear is to just have the mindset that ''no one is thinking of what you think they are'' just speak in confience without fear they are there for a reason and its not to humiliate you its to cheer you on and learn!

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Remember that the vast majority of audiences *want* you to succeed. Everyone's been there, even if it's speaking out at a work meeting or giving a presentation at school. Concentrate on good content (minimal pitch) and the crowd will be behind you.

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Do a lot of teleseminars and webinars. Not only are they less threatening than facing a live audience, but you can set them up yourself. (Great way to build your list!) The more you speak the easier it gets - regardless of the format.

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I am learning fro Robin Sharma how 2 do that. He says "Face Fear Fast"!

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You don't have to be brilliant or perfect to succeed as a public speaker. Public speaking is not about YOU! It's ALWAYS about your AUDIENCE. Give THEM something of VALUE. Something practical, inspirational, entertaining... and you cannot go wrong.

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Start small. Speak to small groups first and gain some comfort there before starting to speak to larger groups.

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Practise and prepare. Visualise success and use self talk - tell yourself how good you are. Be positive!

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Rehearse your presentations while watching yourself in the mirror. Not only will you learn your content better, but you can watch for any strange body motions or gestures which detract from your message, resulting in a more confident on-stage presence.

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Focus your attention primarily on your audience and their needs, rather than on how you feel about public speaking. In doing so, you have les s"emotional bandwidth" for nerves, and much more chance of delighting your audience.

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What do you know about that?


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