How To Minimize To Become Criminal Target While Traveling  

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created by sparkling 2009-08-01 10:19:23 am

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An Ankle wallet is great for carrying your valuables. Be sure to wear long pants to cover it.

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Keep your wallet in your side pocket, never in your back pocket. Don't wear jewelry or expensive watch. A cheap KMart watch will run for at least a vacation.

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A smile goes a long way in a foreign land. When traveling to countries like Mexico, never drive a new car. We have never been scammed or robbed in a car at least 8 years old. No flamboyant jewelry, no snooty accessories. Just a smile of enjoyment.

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One of the simplest yet apparently overlooked idea when traveling by car is to carry TWO SETS OF KEYS. It is amazing how many people carry only one set. Keys are less expensive then having a service come out and open your door for you!

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Carry a radio with you whenever you will be staying in a hotel. Leave it on when you leave whether for an hour or a day. And put out a "Do Not Disturb" sign to further throw off a lowlife.

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I always go to an ATM in which surroundings I am familiar with. I know the location well. I know how things "should" look. If something just doesn't look or sound right I'll go to an alternative ATM.

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Be aware of anyone who is watching you when you leave your hotel room. Try to break up a set pattern so a criminal can't know when you'll return. The guy next to you may be an easier target!

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Carry little cash. Have several credit cards with small credit lines and keep these cards seperate! Never in the same wallet.

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If you give out your credit-card number over the phone, make sure no one is close enough to hear.

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Pickpockets like to strike victims who use public phones, waiting in lines or hanging around inside bars & restaurants. Be aware of people around you, keep your valuables in your grasp.

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Take care withdrawing cash from ATM machines. Try to find one in plain view of passersby to deter thieves, but not so crowded that thief has cover.

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Choose an ATM where you can see people get their cards back to avoid the scam where someone peeks or tapes you entering PIN at an ATM that has been rigged to eat your card. Happened to me in Europe.

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Don't wear eye-striking accessories. Diamond rings or necklace will make you become a main target of criminals.

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I have never been a fan of Debit cards but you can use one almost anywhere internationally and you don't have to carry a lot of cash.

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Wear secret money belt to secure your valuable belongings like passport, spare credit card(s), some cash. If you don't know how a secret money belt looked like, you may take a look on

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