How to make money online in a down economy  

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created by Rashmi Khetani 2009-07-17 02:38:17 am

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Create your site or blog, get traffics, backlinks and Signup for,,, and earn your kind of money.

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Create microblogs and link back to your main site that's offering the free gift. Ping it. Submit it to social network. Copy the link given by each social network on your microblog submission and then ping those links.

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Research, create blogs, use relevant keyword & text, choose SE friendly titles. Boost traffic and get backlinks using social networking. Sign up for Google adsense, Kontera, EBay, Amazon, etc. then enter urls into SE directories, ping, keep content fresh!

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I must say that this is a much better option to twitter.I would like to go surfing for info,not to know what someone had for breakfast. Way to go Jonathan Leger

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submitted by Rashmi Khetani 2009-07-17 02:38:17 am    

Build a list by giving away something free, and then sell to your subscribers on the backend. Everyone loves free stuff.

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Visit digitalpoint forum and warrior seo forum on the internet (easy to find on a google search) for some great tips on earning money online.

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PPL programs are the easiest way to make money online, but the smartest way is trough recurring Pay Per Sale programs or Membership programs

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Instead of writing in one blogging site, one must have to work in different type of online revenue sharing websites.

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Being diversified is always a good Idea when it comes to revenue, so that you are not on Mercy of any particular network. But before you diversify, you must start getting good income from the source, otherwise you will land no where.

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Write, write, write. Helium tipdrop firehow associated content sell books on amazon blog about saving money or anything of interest improving the quality of life in a down economy

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Easiest way for making money online are Pay Per Lead Programs They pay you fixed amount of money for every new free user you send to them

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Best tip for making money is: Learn how to sell as a pro. If you know that, you can earn money anytime you want

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