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created by shalom 2009-11-28 10:44:01 am

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The first thing is to begin by reading children's books in that language, possibly with figures for improved absorption, like we all did with our first language. Then practice with someone proficient and read books and magazines as much as possible.

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The most effective way is language immersion. If that's not possible, research language software, join a study program, learn in bite size chunks, make use of subtitles in your target language on DVD's. Remain focused on your objective and be realistic.

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I disagree. I got dropped in a country & I could say only "beer" & "please" and lived there for several years. I never got fluent. On the other hand, I took six weeks of French, went to France, and got a job answering the phone. Learn basics first!

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Learn to listen a lot , a baby spends 3 years listening before it speaks, there are lots of videos to watch and listen to on youtube, in different languages, give yourself one year to be fluent, spend about 15 mins a day on it, aim to do an exam in it

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Practice helps. Try to actually have a conversation in the language every day and you'll soon pick it up

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Keep up a constant commentary to yourself in the language: what you are doing, what you did, what you can see. Don't worry about not knowing all the words, but look up one or two in a dictionary each day and try to remember them.

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What do you know about that?


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