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created by Bob Sommers 2009-07-17 09:01:09 pm

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Instead of "direct" advertising, shoot a fun video & upload to Youtube showcasing something interesting that your business provides. Tag it in Youtube and add your geographical location & it will be on page 1 of Google search for your local area!

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Start a Twitter account. Print your Twitter address on your store's receipts. Tell customers to sign up for Twitter and follow your business ID. Tweet out special offers for the first 3 respondents once per week & tons of people will follow your account!

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don't forget long tail keywords you can look this up on the web. It is important to use targeted keywords but don't forget this tip it works well.

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Get to the top of Google by creating a niche WEBSITE about your well chosen topic - and stop expecting a BLOG and constant yapping to work. Look at what's on Page 1-2-3 of SERPS these days: Real Websites make the cut, Blog posts du-jour come and GO...

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Research on highly searched keywords for your niche. Look for popular forums and structure your signature to contain links to your site using keywords. Also, sign off using your keywords while giving comments in blogs.

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The first and most important thing you need to do to get to the top of the Google Local Business Results page is to claim your business. Go to

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Use Blogger for your blogs & update new info frequently

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learn and understand what blended search is and then target local verticals, video, images, news (press releases), etc.

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Post your urls on Twitter - Google picks them up in a couple of hours and will crawl from them - don't spam though, there's a rumour that google has a spam based tracker within Twitter. Getting people to retweet *really* helps.

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Create plenty of quality, related incoming links. Each link is a vote that Google sees as credibility. Be patient and create links in a natural way. No more than one or two per day. More than this can cause Google to push your page down further.

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I know the cliche about its all about context and content and it truly is all about that. The more you can appear to be a resource online for your niche helping users than I feel that Google rewards you with high rankings.

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Make sure all your content is unique as Google penalises sites with duplicate content.

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