How to get the most from your art museum visits.  

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created by Travelgm 2009-07-18 04:19:35 am

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At the art museum look maximum at works of 3 different artists. Before the visit to the museum read about, how and where the artists lived.

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At smaller galleries, or temporary exhibitions, or whenever you have time to look at everything in one room, make a note of which exhibit you liked best & why. If you are with a friend or friends, compare notes. It will help you to concentrate, & is fun.

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At a major gallery or large permanent exhibition, know what you want exhibits you want to see and why you want to see them. Brazenly walk past everything else, UNLESS something catches your eye.

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Visit early in the morning. Find out where the most popular pieces are (e.g. any famous art works and historical significance) and visit those first. That way you get to appreciate them before the crowds arrive.

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Always seek out a docent. A docent is an articulate and enthusiastic member of a Museum team, offering visitors a warm welcome and an intelligent introduction and insight to the art pieces.

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When in Amsterdam at the Rijks museum, do not even try doing it in one day, After 2-3 hours you cant register the beauty anymore, go to the cafeteria and take a break. There is so much beauty there enjoy it.

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Consider looking at any temporary exhibits first.

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Most major museums are too large to fully explore in one day. Better to invest a specific amount of time, and then depart before "museum fatigue" sets in. (It's hard to appreciate complex art when you're too tired / hungry to process it.)

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Get a map and plan your route beforehand. Decide which places are of most interest to you and aim for those places first. Try to dedicate at least a couple of days to visit the museum if it is a huge one.

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Read up about the collection they have in museum before visiting. I also like to join a guided tour. It cost a bit but it's totally worth it.

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