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Some have estimated that over 60-million people visit a garage sale every year. You need to plan ahead when deciding to hit garage sales. You don't want to waste your time wondering around town looking for them. So start with a list.

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Many garage sales are advertised in your local paper. And once you have garage sales on your mind you'll tend to see many as you are driving along. Look particulary towards upscale neighborhoods as these are the places with the most interesting items.

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While price is obviously important it is of less importance in the beginning then knowing that people want what you have to offer. Counting bids is the key to this data. It is the first step you need to do.

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It is fairly common to find products at garage sales that fetch much higher prices on eBay. The person holding a garage sale isn't usually someone well versed on eBay. Often times they don't even know what eBay is!

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Attending garage sales on a regular basis is also a great way to see areas in your town you may otherwise never visit. And that alone can be profitable if you have your business card handy. Talk to others and let them know what you are looking for.

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If you're out to build a full-time eBay business think in terms of product line. This will help to focus your work and available financial resources. Avoid impulse buying.

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eBay PowerSellers Debnroo use a two-party system to source hot products. One partner stays home while the other feeds information from trade shows. The partner at home then search eBay for sell-through information. Working together they find hot sellers.

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Sourcing Products for eBay: don’t overlook the profit potential in unclaimed freight. There is a huge selection of nearly everything just waiting to be bought up cheap and resold on eBay at a good profit.

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Always remember, your profit is made when you buy! Sometimes prices in an outlet store are not the bargains you'd expect. Only by doing your homework within your niche market will you be able to determine if you're getting a good price or not.

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Local sourcing is considered a time consuming process entailing keeping track of local merchant activities and neighborhood sales. But it can be very rewarding if you are the type who enjoy getting out and looking at lots of inventory.

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When is the best time to sell certain products on eBay? By scanning RSS feeds ON A REGULAR BASIS you can CLEARLY see when certain items are the hottest. We do this by rooting out the NUMBER OF BIDS each item is receiving.

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As an eBay Seller Outlet stores offer you the opportunity to pick up some great name brand products at big discounts. These are not rejects or seconds. It's quality stock which the manufacturers must clear from inventory.

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Look locally, sell worldwide. Local wholesalers may offer you a great opportunity to purchase inventory at steep discount. You'll save on shipping. But remember to do your homework first to identify hot niches.

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Be sure to have some business cards available letting people know what sort of products you are looking for. Then hand them out liberally at all the places you go to shop for inventory. Business cards are like peanuts.. they work best by the handfull.

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Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores can be good sources for products to resell. I would suggest you visit a couple weekly. Let the clerks know what type of products you're looking for. Be sure to leave your business card.

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Most factory outlets deal in perfect and slightly imperfect goods and there are eBayers making thousands of sales every week of items picked up inexpensively at factory outlets.

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Here's a bit of solid advice: Keep in touch with retailers in your area. Networking with shopkeepers can mean money in the bank for you! Let them know what you are looking for. Be a square dealer with them and they will be happy to help you succeed!

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One thing you should always do at every opportunity is to let others know what you are interested in buying. Don't be shy about it! Pass out your business cards liberally.

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