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Document, document, document!!! Whatever else you do or do not do, document every single contact, every single exchange. Save all papers, all emails, all voice mails. Keep a log of notes about each meeting or conversation you have, no matter how short.

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If you are a bureaucrat you may have a double whammy: a sometimes difficult public and a difficult boss. If your boss is the big problem, first, document; second, talk to your union if you have one, just for ideas. Don't be too quick to file a grievance.

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Record all phone conversations with the time and date and a note of the name of ther person you are talking to

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Ask if there's an ombudsman available. Many agencies or states have an ombudsman to help people who encounter problems with bureaucracy. Once with an ombudsman, ask if they take an adversarial or problem solving approach--you usually want the latter.

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If your problem is likely to last a long time talk to others. Have at least one person you can talk with on a regular basis. A group of people experiencing the same thing can provide good support and maybe find ways (e.g. publicity) to get better results.

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Keep your cool. Don't react with anger--that only makes most bureaucrats less willing to help you. Approach any meeting or phone call with the idea that no matter what, you'll stay calm. You'll get a lot farther if you don't blow your stack.

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Kick things up to a higher level. When having problems dealing with a bureaucrat, don't spin your wheels going round and round with that person. The lowest level bureaucrats have the least decision making power. Ask to speak to his/her supervisor.

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Be patient - many of these people deal with sarcastic, snarky, angry people daily and have grown to be cold and less sympathetic. Stick to your guns but be diplomatic, these people really aren't the problem, their your path to the solution.

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