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Is your character design unique? With so many characters out there on the market, you need to ensure that your character stands out. Your character needs to be strong and interesting in a visual sense to get people's attention.

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The manner in which the lines of your character is drawn plays a part in defining to people what kind of personality it has visually. Thick, soft and round lines suggest a cute, approachable character. Sharp, scratchy lines suggest an erratic character.

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Design concepts usually start from 2D. Look further and consider your character in 3D. Some characters look better in 2D and vice versa. Would your character translate well to 3D? The best kind of character design look good in both 2D and 3D.

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The image of your character may be static but the character probably will not. How would your character look in motion? It is easy to fall into a situation where the character looks good, but inanimatable due to factors neglected during design.

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What is your core product's target audience? Have you considered the traits and personality that will appeal to the target audience and give the story a boost? For example, characters for kids are typically designed around basic shapes and bright colors.

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Always bear in mind your character's potential for merchandising. What kind of merchandise can your character be made into? What merchandise would look good with your character on it? How many kinds of merchandise can your character lend itself to?

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Ensure that you differentiate your lead from the supporting characters. Your lead must stand out. Even if all your characters look great,there can be a problem if all your characters look great but your lead doesn't look extra great!

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What is the core product or platform which your character is appearing on? Where will the character be seen and in what medium? Ideally your character should translate across several platforms to maximize its licensing potential.

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Colours play an essential role in communicating a character's personality.Dark colours depict evil characters. Light colours express innocence, purity and goodness. Comic red, yellow and blue suggest heroic qualities in a character.

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I don't know much about creating characters, but I would say that original characters that leave an impression or a laugh at first look probably go a long way to creating the character's popularity...

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Characters that lack personality are boring and forgettable. How does your character express himself? Is he loud or shy? Is he intelligent or dumb? Is he evil, neutral or good? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What are his likes and dislikes?

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Exaggerate the characteristics and facial expressions of your character. Exaggerated expressions will make your character more interesting. If your character is a Hercules sort, give him muscles 5 times that of a body builder.

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A lot of characters can be created from real life characters that you know, personalities and other factors can be incorporated into your character designs very well and there's always room for improvement on paper and in real life drawing.

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