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created by The Marketing Guy 2009-09-15 02:05:54 pm

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Best chocolate chip cookie recipe - Use a good quality brand of unsalted butter, not cheap shortening or butter flavored vegetable shortening. You will notice a big difference in both the flavor and in the texture or "mouthfeel".

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The excellent food science book with recipes, 'Cookwise' by Shirley Corriher goes over the science of making the best cookies and confirms much of what you say Marketing Guy :). Yummy! I must avoid gluten, but I love baking

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Best chocolate chip cookie recipe - use real vanilla extract. "Madagascar-bourbon" is the superior variety, with a deeper, smoother taste and more fragrance. "Imitation vanilla" is made from wood, not vanilla beans, and has a harsher, chemical taste.

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Best chocolate chip cookie recipe - professional bakers use a secret ingredient to give the top of their cookies that cracked appearance. It's cream of tartar. Doesn't affect the flavor, but makes cookies look more appetizing.

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Best chocolate chip cookie recipe - substitute a gourmet chocolate bar, broken up into pieces, for your usual chocolate chips. Dark chocolate works best, around 50-60% cocoa solids. Yummy!

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You are making me hungry just talking about it. My favorite chocolate chip cookie is a peanut butter cookie with Chocolate Chips. I call it a Reeses Cookie, PB and Chocolate, the ulitmate match.

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You need a good cookie sheet to make soft or crispy cookies. Stainless works wonderful for this. Chocolate chip, peanut butter or snickerdoodles.

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What do you know about that?


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