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Find Twitterers in your specific niche using your keywords. Follow them and contribute actively. You'll be surprise they will return the favour. Use to speed up the process

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Ask open-ended questions to draw responses fm yr followers and encourage replies. Yr Twitter ID will be used in responses and appear on their feed, new followers can click to learn and begin following you. It is key to "snowball" growth of yr followers.

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Be fun. Link to funny stuff in some of your tweets. People love a laugh. Let your readers know you are a real person. Encourage them to follow you at Tipdrop for more great tips.

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Be a hot source of ideas. Take note of interesting tips and tell of compelling or helpful tips, sites and tools found at TipDrop, and if you have a targeted following, you can help them out by sharing and at the same time help fellow TipDroppers.

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Join Follow Friday to strengthen relationship with your followers. You recommend other Twitterers to follow. Try recommending four or five people you feel will give value to others. Follow Friday is a great way to fit into the Twitter community.

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You can join Follow Friday at It is free.

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You can use http://twitterfeed to feed your blog to twitter. In your blog, give information on TipDrop.

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Use to help you reach the next level of Twitting.

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Change your Twitter background image to make it unique and best reflect your topic/niche. You can create yr own Twitter background for free at and add your TipDrop link at your profie settings.

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I Tweet abt looking for JV partners to provide tips and answer questions about my niche and at the same time they can build their list and followers. I give my TipDrop referral link and mention it is a personal invitation.

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On Twitter and will follow your advice.

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On every blog post to my blog, I send a message on Twitter informing others I have updated it. In my blog post, I encourage readers to visit my TipDrop TipSheets to drop a note and share what they know.

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I Tweet about TipDrop being more addictive than Twitter. Tweet that I can make money and add videos at TipDrop. Then I gave my referral link and my Tip Sheets links. Got 52 sign-up within 1 minute.

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I send a DM to my followers that has a lot of followers and ask them to help me RT my tweet on TipDrop.

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I searched for Twitter owners in my niche and Tweet about tips I wrote in TipDrop. I gave a link to my TipSheets with a teaser to read more.

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In Twitter DM means Direct Message and RT means Retweet..use them to create viral effects to your TipDrop TipSheets.

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I tweet links to my own TipSheets and to other TipDrop TipSheets that has high credibility and/or good tips.

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My mentor Stephen Pierce says - The internet does not require your permission but only your participation. Let's participate at Twitter and help each other's TipSheets.

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Excellent tips! I have tried many of these methods and they all work. Combining your Twitter efforts with TipDrops is a great way to leverage your work! Stephen Pierce is an awesome teacher, too. I have his book right beside me.

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What do you know about that?


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