How i got my alexa rank down (TIPS FOR ALL)  

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created by mattyc24uk 2009-12-03 03:49:55 pm

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... wonders for me and has pushed 52,000 views towards my websites like i said it is **free**. i will knock up a quick page with some others on i will put it here please view and use

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Alexa is a means to measure traffic to your site, It has been around for a while and is owned by amazon. You can download a good free toolbar that shows your rank in the bottom right corner,really useful to see how your competitor is doing

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To start of getting a rank on alexa you need to have a website or blog to have a blog or website you need to build one and get it hosted i suggest this hosting It is 50p a month and i will give you 2 months free. the next step.

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to get traffic to your site now you can sit and wait for people to come but you will be pushing up daisy's by the time that happens. so i suggest going to get them yourself its easy to get people to your site and i will show you how to do it free.

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To start with alexa looks at trends in traffic over a period of 3 months how many people coming to your site is up to you i get mine through "auto Surf" sites these are sites that put your URL ( http://www.babycarebook.inf )up so people see it

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and when they see it it is seen as a hit/view which shows alexa there are people coming to your site. this is free to do and to start it i would use to get started this site has worked ....

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Iam going to give tips how i have got my alexa ranking down on my site from 24 million to nearly 500.000 in only 3 months. this is hard and harder to follow but i will try make it as easy as possible.... first of what is alexa?

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great advise thank you but the link is it is better to access that way really useful here is my site now alexa rank going down each day

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