How does cutting down on salt helps us?  

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Use less salt and at the same time: *Drink More Water* ... It is a mistake to believe that drinking water will make your body retain fluids and cause swollen legs etc. It is the other way around! So: Less Salt & More Water!

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Sodium causes our body to retain fluids. A diet high in sodium can result in a bloated stomach & raise your blood pressure. Avoid high-sodium food such as processed & canned foods. Add flavour to your foods with herbs and spices instead of salt.

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Exercise can help you avoid excess bloating and sweating helps clear out pores. Exercising helps move your lymph nodes and glands around helping them move out toxins. Less salt intake with food will help you not feel so bloated as well as exercise.

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Each cell in our body has a fine balance of sodium and potassium. Taking in too much salt upsets this, so cut back

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