How do I find the cheapest gas in my area?  

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Gas stations close to shopping centers in the suburbs have quite often lower prices on gas. ... Look out for special bargains on some mid-week-days!

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Discount clubs are a great way to save money on gas. Sam's Club, for example, almost always has the cheapest gas in my area. I would buy a membership even if the only thing I bought there was gas. It is worth it.

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Go to They have a list of over 200 sites that can help you find the lowest gas prices in your area.

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One way to save money on gas is to stay away from the gas stations closest to the freeway. They usually charge a bit more and you can save yourself some money by driving just a few blocks away.

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Buying gas in the suburbs can save money. The land in the city is more expensive and the station owner will pass those costs on to the consumer.

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Here is one for you. Go to but replace statename with the name of the state you want to see gas prices for. For example Florida would be There is a website for every state and it seems to be fairly accurate.

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Krogers. They keep about the same price as other gas stations, but after you shop and get what you already need; you get points that take money off the gas. I just got gas $1.00 per gallon then the other gas stations.

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Get the Coupons App from the Google market. It gives you the lowest gas prices for that day based on your GPS location.

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You can also use Gasbuddy for your mobile phone. Updated in real time by users so info is good

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gasbuddy app is good to let you know gas stations with lowest prices also going to near by states and suburbs the gas is cheaper

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