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created by harbizzle 2010-02-10 09:56:38 am

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Steam your face to open your pores and let gunk out, and then apply some clearisil on the spot.

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Did you know that tea tree oil has been shown to be just as effective as benzyol peroxide in clearing up pimples? It just works a little more slowly.

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Before heading to bed,take a small dab of toothpaste and rub it onto your pimple.You should feel a tingling sensation in a matter of minutes. This will take the red out of your pimple, just remember to wash it off in the morning!!!

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submitted by harbizzle 2010-02-10 09:56:39 am    

You can make a paste with 3-4 non-coated aspirin and honey and apply overnight for spot treatment. Follow with moisturizer. Rinse off in AM. The pimple should be dramatically reduced in size and redness the next day.

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Wash your face regularly and dab a small amount of lipstick to your pimple. It will dry up the next day.

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Apply fresh sandal wood paste every night, and the pimples will dry very soon without leaving any mark, or it will clear the pimple marks.

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Apply fresh paste of sandal wood and rose water at night after few days you will see the change. You can also add fresh turmeric powder or paste in it for fast results.

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Fill a large container with hot water and allow the steam to come in contact with your face for a few minutes.Rinse your face with lukewarm water and, after drying, apply an oil-free moisturizer.

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