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Forget the term "goals", your success rate automatically goes up by thinking of your short-term goals as PLANS. Your subconscious mind is already used to following through with plans (ever been on vacation), but goals are already viewed as challenges.

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When you achieve each one of the objectives that lead you towards your goal, have a small celebration or reward, to encourage yourself and cement that sense of achievement. The reward should be appropriate for the objective you've accomplished.

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Setting goals is the easy part, but to achieve them, here are 5 vital things you must have, 1. Total commitment 2. Relentless persistence 3. Unwavering perserverance 4. Burning desire 5. Self denial to some point.

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It is best to always strive for the goals you set. However, you should be open to change and understand that sometimes, things happen that may set you off track. Relax, let this go, and then begin working on your goals again with a better frame of mind.

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Write it down. You can achieve great things if you put your mind to it. But unless you write it down, your goal will remain wishful thinking.

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Have interim goals--milestones--along the way towards your overall goal. Reaching these milestones will give you feelings of achievement and success, which will propel you onward.

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While setting goals help to keep us on track, it doesn't mean that you curve them on stone. Naturally, as you go through life, your needs, circumstances and desires will change. You should re-evaluate your gaols to reflect these changes.

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