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created by zbikenut 2009-09-23 11:34:20 am

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Some of us are only motivated by what makes us mad. When we decide that being fat makes us mad then we act on it. Get Pissed at your own bad habits, not other peoples.

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To Quit smoking conjure up the view of the tar from your cigarettes dripping over the blood vessels in your lungs. Your lungs turning black from the soot and tar. Associate that with smoking and feel the pain. Get Mad at the Cigs.

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Take your shirt off an look in the mirror. Handle your exess. Get Mad. Picture that ugly fat as you slobber your sandwich with mayonaise. When you take a second helping of Mac and Cheese. Visualize the ugly fat and get mad

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I work the opposite way. Don't get angry about being fat, get passionate about being thin. What happens to the fat is not important. Getting angry about money troubles won't fix it. Get passionate about making money. Focus on a goal, and take action.

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We often do not like when we see our own bad habits in other people. We are harder on them than we are on ourselves.

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When you have a single point of failure in habit change, be willing to forgive yourself. The "What the Hell" Effect of habit change can cause you to go off the deep end otherwise. What is the What the hell effect?:

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Don't let small bits of time escape. Use the "grains of sand" method for getting the better of your habits. Anger is great but methodically making the most of every moment is even better.

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I hate when I don't get the exercise I feel like I need during the day. I love to get it over with early and then on to other things later.

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submitted by Rick Imby 2009-10-11 03:59:26 am    

If you are angry and hate yourself for a bad habit you possess you can get rid of it. Be hard on it and you can make it. It's your will power which will make you strong to overcome it.

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Get physical. Exercise, sports or any kind of physical activity -- walking up and down the stairs at work or mopping the floor at home helps drain off all that stress, energy and anger.

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Getting mad is a start but it wont change anything. Focus on going forward and plan your progress to change. It takes 21 days to break a habit so take one day at a time until it becomes second nature.

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Want to change your bad habits? Check out some of these great books that will help you change any bad habit.

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