Don’t continue to do the same thing in the hope of change  

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(B) in the 2nd try (B) you should make a new version of the page and/or offer according to your thoughts in try (A)

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(C) in the 3rd try (C) you should continue the testing routine try (A) and try (B) until you are satisfied.

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(A) at 1st try (A) you should look very critically at the page and ask yourself: ‘If I were a visitor, how did I end up at this page, and what do I really want’

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Don’t continue to do the same thing in the hope of change FIRST ISSUE: If you have a high-traffic website with no income (sale or clicks on ads) then MAKE CHANGES in 3 steps ... TRY (a) AND TRY (b) AND TRY AGAIN (c)

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HOWEVER, About Try, and try, and try again! W.C.FIELDS would say 'Then STOP coz you don't want to make a complete fool out of yourself. ... Well, using his advice would then be: Sell the f* site (domain) and do something new!

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It is ridiculous to do the same thing again everytime yet expecting different results. Just like a hamster, running around in circles on wheels hoping to reach a destination.

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well according to Albert Einstein: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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What do you know about that?


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