5 tips to buy your first electric Guitar  

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created by guillepareja 2009-07-18 02:56:52 pm

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Cheap guitars are better now than ever before; brands like Vintage, Yamaha, Squier and Epiphone are all great choices, even for experienced players. Whatever you buy, get it set up by a pro. Most guitars can be made to play well with the right set up.

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Don't buy any guitar unless it has a TRUSS ROD in the fingerboard. Otherwise the pull of the tightened strings will warp the fingerboard so strings will sit too high too push down. People quit guitar just because of this "cheap guitar" problem.

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1) Look for great used guitars, you can get a good guitar for cheap. 2) You can always give a try to guitar packs if you r budget is limited. 3) Don't spend all your money in your guitar and amp, save for classes

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4) Don't buy the cheapest thing around just because it's cheap, make sure you are spending your money in something that work. 5) Go with someone with experience like a friend or your guitar teacher to give you advice.

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Buy one of those guitar packages they come with all the basic gear. Major guitar makers have packages you can buy. You will get a decent beginner electric. Don't buy a used guitar unless you know what to look for.

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