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Definition of derivative of a function

  » Science & Mathematics

If a function is y = f(x), then the derivative of a function at a given point of x is the limit of x tends 0, the ratio of very smaal change in y due a smaal change of x at a given point. The derivative of a function is slope at a given point of y= f (x).

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submitted by prit_01 2011-09-06 05:23:36 am    

causes of alienation

  » Society & Culture

Alienation is that a person is withdrwn from social interraction and he feels he is not useful to himself as well he is worhless. This is a reality in most societies rich or poor. The causes are complex, and it is social as well as genetic in origin.

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How to determine the minimum sales necessary for a profitable business?

  » Business & Finance

All businesses are not profitable at all volume of sales. They only become profitable after they attaian a minimum sales. break even analysis can help to determine the minimum sales necessay as a first step.

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submitted by prit_01 2011-09-05 06:59:40 pm    

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