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Search Engine Marketing w/o Proper Strategy = Poor R.O.I.

  » Business & Finance

It typically takes 7 times of seeing your brand before a visitor converts to a customer. That means you have to get the product in front of them 7 times -- and that means trading their contact information (name and email) for something valuable from you.

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-22 12:35:54 am    

A Tip about Leaving Tips

  » Dining Out

To me, eating out is a luxury. So a server has to be really bad before I leave a tip less than 20%. I don't think I've ever not tipped at all. But my mom was a server when I was a kid, so I guess I empathize with them.

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-22 12:34:11 am    

How to Find the Best GPS for the Money

  » Consumer Electronics

I've bought a number of different GPS models, and I've always been the most happy with the Magellan Roadmate.

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-18 08:35:27 am    

Preventing Cat Litter Box Problems

  » Pets

I have four cats, and I've found that buying cat litter designed for multiple cats works better.

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-18 08:32:30 am    

Why Use Open Source Software Instead of Commercial Software?

  » Computers & Internet

In a tough economy, you just can't beat the open source price tag: free.

Tip Credibility: 10

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-18 08:31:31 am    

How to go green to save Earth.

  » Environment

When shopping, bring reusable bags instead of taking the paper or plastic bags from the store. Reusable bags are better anyway: they can hold more stuff and are easier to carry.

Tip Credibility: 15

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-18 08:26:10 am    

Sucessful Weight Loss Begins As A State Of Mind

  » Beauty & Style

Don't whine and constantly talk about how hard it is. Focus on how good you're feeling. Focus on your success. Stay away from people who are negative and don't support your efforts.

Tip Credibility: 12

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-18 08:23:09 am    

How to stay motivated when losing weight

  » Health

Don't go it alone--lose weight with a partner. My wife and I losing weight together made it much easier. The support keeps you focused and motivated.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-17 09:53:40 am    

Be careful when using GoDaddy Servers

  » Computers & Internet

This is a common problem with web hosts. Most standard backup software will not backup MySQL databases. Be sure to ask your host about this in advance if you use MySQL.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-17 02:24:03 am    

Coconut Oil - Good for the inside and outside

  » Health

My son has eczema, and we use a product called California Baby that's mostly coconut oil. It works incredibly well. Our pediatrician had us using Eucerin, but it just wasn't working well. Once we switched to a coconut-based product his skin cleared up.

Tip Credibility: 14

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-17 01:55:16 am    

Just an introduction

  » News & Events

Good idea Edwin. I'm Jonathan Leger, the creator of TipDrop. I'm glad to see so many folks signing up and getting started with the system so fast!

Tip Credibility: 12

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-17 01:26:05 am    

How to get people to link to your web page.

  » Computers & Internet

Write short 300-500 word articles that are easy to read while offering powerful information, and submit those articles to

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-17 12:39:58 am    

The Fast Way To Copy And Paste

  » Computers & Internet

If you're not into keyboard controls, you can also highlight your text with the mouse and then right-click in the text and select copy/paste from there instead of the top menus in an application.

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submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-16 11:49:43 pm    

How to get people to link to your web page.

  » Computers & Internet

Give away something of value in exchange for a link back to your site.

Tip Credibility: 16

submitted by jonathanleger 2009-07-16 11:49:23 pm    

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