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When you go to Amsterdam

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 35

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As a tourist in Amsterdam don't forget a boat trip on the canals

Tip Credibility: 119

submitted by askformore 2009-10-05 01:37:14 am    

Places To Visit Before You Die

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 17

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Sure beats a list of "Places to Visit AFTER you Die!" Sorry! But seriously, you can BELIEVE these people who have actually been there far more than travel brochures. I'd add The Painted Desert, Ariz. at DUSK, and ALONE. Overpowering haunted beauty.

Tip Credibility: 86

submitted by trustbc 2009-07-28 09:07:18 pm    

Travel Tips for Medications

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 45

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I would recommend Sri Lanka for the best Ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic massages in 5 star comforts. Ayurveda originates from Sri Lanka.

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by andrew69 2010-11-30 12:53:41 pm    

Dangers of Backpacking in other countries

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 28

  » Travel

When Traveling to strange countries - learn about the dangers before risking your life.

Tip Credibility: 71

submitted by eileen 2010-07-08 04:09:15 am    

Travel Tip: Ask for Directions

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 37

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Telling the hotel staf where you plan to go has the added advantage of alerting them to possible locations to look for you if you have an accident.

Tip Credibility: 69

submitted by Nikon 2010-01-20 04:29:02 am    

When to visit India

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 36

  » Travel

I have to agree, Generally, the best time to visit India is during the winter, when the weather in most places is relatively cool and pleasant.

Tip Credibility: 65

submitted by healthburden 2010-10-01 01:52:41 am    

Safe vacation rentals in Italy

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 63

  » Travel

We offer houses and apartments in Northern Italy: - Lake Como & Lake Maggiore (Italian Lakes) - Liguria (Italian Riviera) Guarantee: We have visited each of the properties listed personally to ensure you will enjoy a perfect, carefree holiday.

Tip Credibility: 63

submitted by northitaly 2010-03-08 03:14:11 am    

Tips For The Adventure Traveler

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 28

  » Travel

Carry a compass. Even if other equipment fail, this would help you navigate.

Tip Credibility: 60

submitted by DanTheMan 2009-09-05 05:25:59 am    

Try some of these eco friendly activities

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 40

  » Travel

A great way to see the country is to sign up for bus tours. Your lodging and park fees are included in your ticket, and you get to meet interesting people. No driving to hassle with, a relaxing way to travel.

Tip Credibility: 58

submitted by edwinbrown 2009-11-20 01:51:45 am    

Yes Greece does have skiing facilities

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 57

  » Travel

Not many people are aware that Greece boasts some excellent skiing facilities and provides a perfect skiing family holiday.

Tip Credibility: 57

submitted by one2get2no 2010-03-14 12:27:13 pm    

Where to go to learn to surf in Costa Rica

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 55

  » Travel

Go to Safari Surf School in Nosara, Costa Rica. The beach, known as "where the jungle meets the sand," boasts great beginner waves, fresh seafood and the longest zipline in the world. Plus, the Ticos (Costa Rican natives) are super nice!

Tip Credibility: 55

submitted by MeghanFitz201 2010-01-22 10:09:11 pm    

Kota Kinabalu has something for all! Orchids, big butterflies, orang utans, otters, dragonflies. a must for all nature lovers. see here:

Tip Credibility: 54

submitted by tracydukes 2010-01-10 08:05:54 pm    

Read the fine print when flying

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 28

  » Travel

We are bombarded with "sale" fares that seem too good to be true. They usually are. Beware of hidden fees, starting with baggage handling to water to reservations,etc. They can add up quickly. Some sale

Tip Credibility: 51

submitted by FGual 2009-09-26 09:33:25 am    

The Badlands National Park

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 49

  » Travel

The Badlands in South Dakota is a sight to behold. An unusual National Park in that you can climb the buttes, and hike out into the Badlands.

Tip Credibility: 49

submitted by fishtiger58 2009-12-23 09:29:54 am    

Things you should know about before moving to Spain

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 47

  » Travel

If you are thinking about retiring to Spain, or even moving there for work, read this article as a warning so you can be fully prepared for what might lie ahead of you.

Tip Credibility: 47

submitted by IzzyM 2009-12-17 07:08:01 pm    

Camera Security on Holiday

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 47

  » Travel

Use a stick label to write a contact telephone number on your camera/memory cards/USB sticks in case you lose them. Somebody honest might find them!

Tip Credibility: 47

submitted by FranceTips 2009-12-09 09:30:36 am    

Hawaii Travel Video

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 46

  » Travel

Tip Credibility: 46

submitted by hawaii 2009-12-13 09:21:13 pm    

An Ankle wallet is great for carrying your valuables. Be sure to wear long pants to cover it.

Tip Credibility: 45

submitted by zbikenut 2009-09-29 01:28:58 pm    

Be sure that the city on your car's nameplate is your destination. Each car is labeled separately, because cars are usually added and dropped along the way.

Tip Credibility: 44

submitted by MarsVA 2009-07-17 06:34:45 pm    

How to Save Money on a Disney Vacation

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 15

  » Travel

I recently returned from Disney World and the first thing we did the night we arrived was head to a local grocery store for bottled water and snacks for the parks. We saved a lot of money that way. Resort hotels are also a good deal these days.

Tip Credibility: 36

submitted by travelgirl 2009-10-11 08:46:48 pm    

Travel Tips for Safety and Security

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 24

  » Travel

Stay alert, use common sense, and be aware of your surroundings. If you think you are being followed, step into a store or another safe place and wait to see whether the person passes by.

Tip Credibility: 33

submitted by Inzalo 2009-08-12 11:27:22 am    

Barbados Holiday Villas On A Budget

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 28

  » Travel

If you off to Barbados on that long awaited villa holiday and you're looking to save money, then take a look at the South East Coast, there is a cluster of vilas near Sam Lords and it perfect for a family holiday but at half the price of the West Coast.

Tip Credibility: 28

submitted by Pushkin 2009-09-13 05:51:34 pm    

Top sites to see in London

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 13

  » Travel

Visit the 38 City of London Churches from All Hallows-by-the-Tower in the East to St Dunstan-in-the-West, er, in the West. Stop off at the nine spots where the towers of former churches remain. Pick up a copy of Betjeman's City of London Churches.

Tip Credibility: 24

submitted by davidhurley 2009-08-11 07:43:50 pm    

How To Get Motel Rooms For Cheap

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 12

  » Travel

Name your own price on or My friend got a room for $25 last night in Dallas, Texas using priceline. The going rate if you called that hotel was $89! I've used both sites for years and have gotten great results.

Tip Credibility: 23

submitted by apierce 2009-08-22 06:36:42 am    

Find free places to stay using CouchSurfing

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 16

  » Travel

If you've not consider crowd surfing, you'd be suprised how keen people are to have you stay with him, and how much they'll try to make you enjoy your visit to their location. Just imagine the advantage of having a lower when arriving in a new area.

Tip Credibility: 23

submitted by Impact Productions 2009-08-18 07:00:25 pm    

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