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make money

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Tips For Success 1. Write lots of article. The more The Better. 2. Set up a schedule to work as much as possible. 3. Try other sites. Do not rely on one site for traffic. 4. NEVER CLICK YOUR OWN ADS!!! You will get banned !

Tip Credibility: 77

submitted by rizwanahmad21 2010-12-23 04:02:25 am    

How To Get To The Top Of Google

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 24

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Instead of "direct" advertising, shoot a fun video & upload to Youtube showcasing something interesting that your business provides. Tag it in Youtube and add your geographical location & it will be on page 1 of Google search for your local area!

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by carltonzone 2010-12-29 09:13:55 pm    

How to get a mortgage loan.

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 34

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A free credit report can be requested by mail via the website of the FTC.

Tip Credibility: 63

submitted by Nikon 2010-05-28 07:38:51 am    

How To Get More Customers

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 29

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You can also reward customers for referring their friends with a discount. I give a 10% discount to existing customers for each new referral and I can hardly keep up with all the new business--everyone loves to save money!

Tip Credibility: 62

submitted by classicalgeek 2010-06-17 11:48:52 pm    

Brooklyn Lawyers - Reibman & Weiner

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 58

  » Local Businesses

Recently, The New York Times published an article regarding two Northwest Airlines pilots who charted off course while leaving passengers lives in danger. Unfortunately, not all situations as previously mentioned end without people getting injured.

Tip Credibility: 58

submitted by brooklynlawyersfirm 2010-02-24 04:37:57 pm    

Creativity Still Key To Selling Products

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 30

  » Local Businesses

China has rebuilt their economy by becoming a manufacturer of products. In todays shallow business world, to many business owners try to buy and sell air. Try to actually create a product. What can you create that sells for $10? Use your creativity.

Tip Credibility: 54

submitted by littlechinastore 2010-02-06 05:25:59 am    

Send a series of messages way ahead of your new product launch describing the various features and benefits of your product. You can even give them a free preview version of the product. Generate enough interest and expectancy before your actual launch.

Tip Credibility: 53

submitted by DanTheMan 2009-08-31 02:28:09 pm    

Use http://maps.google.com/ to get your business listed quickly.

Tip Credibility: 39

submitted by Theresa Mayhew 2009-07-17 11:11:20 am    

I would seriously stop thinking of your customers as an "on demand" ATM!!! Think of what YOU can do for them first... not how much they can add to your bottom line. That will all come later as long as you treat them right now :)

Tip Credibility: 30

submitted by saspry 2009-07-17 08:15:26 am    

Look for local small biz groups on Facebook. I was able to build personal relationships with many potential customers before I even opened. Bid on several jobs before opening b/c of FB. People go to a biz that they trust. Personal contact builds trust.

Tip Credibility: 25

submitted by pinsondigital 2009-07-18 12:59:18 am    

Car magnets australia

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 21

  » Local Businesses

Communicate with clients by placing car magnets on your car. They're inexpensive, fast to apply and remove and can be changed as your message or offer changes. Best of all they'll be seen by the locals. http://carmagnets.adelaidefridgemagnets.biz/

Tip Credibility: 21

submitted by eco-warrior 2009-09-23 06:32:00 am    

Lost Your Job?

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 11

  » Local Businesses

It's time to upgrade yourself with new skills and knowledge. Good to take a short break to get over it. After that, never stop going for Interviews that require your new skill sets.

Tip Credibility: 20

submitted by dexterdamien 2009-08-29 11:00:09 am    

Create a website for NameOfTownDentists.com & get it ranked pg1 in Google for relevant local search terms. Then approach 2 or 3 local Dentists and offer the site to them. Replace 'Dentists' with any other industry and repeat.

Tip Credibility: 19

submitted by ezexpert 2009-09-08 09:29:19 pm    

Google Maps Optmization

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 17

  » Local Businesses

Free course that teaches all the in's and out's of Google Maps Marketing and Google Maps SEO. http://www.smallbusinessonlinecoach.com/locallistings/

Tip Credibility: 17

submitted by smbusinesscoach 2010-04-19 03:59:56 pm    

Typically, by have a local insurance brokerage review your commercial insurance programs - you can save over 20% when comparing to to captive insurance agencies

Tip Credibility: 16

submitted by Echoing911 2009-07-23 09:54:31 am    

How to Get a Free Google AdWords Credit

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 15

  » Local Businesses

This free Google adwords credit ranges from $50 to $100 in free advertising to business owners when they create a new account with them. http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Get-a-Free-Google-AdWords-Credit

Tip Credibility: 15

submitted by incomeguru 2011-02-27 09:53:04 am    

When you pick your business name

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 8

  » Local Businesses

Be creative and different. You must try to stand out. If people comment that it's unique you've done it. For example, my business is called Mediafreaks. Most clients comment that they like the name.

Tip Credibility: 12

submitted by aldricchang 2009-07-22 05:55:20 am    

Website Marketing - Step 1

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 8

  » Local Businesses

Always check your competition when doing your keyword research, look for long tail keywords (at least 3) with at least 2000 searches a month and less than 200,000 competing pages and you will rank for these pretty quickly, then grow from there.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by imscamp 2009-07-19 02:52:56 pm    

SEO for local searches. Make sure you list local cities, Zip codes, counties you service. Add yourself to Google maps. Talk about high-profile local events, become a local authority, be local, be vocal, pitch local. It works!

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by AdzZoo_Tips 2009-07-18 11:04:50 am    

If you offer an offline marketing package, include a keyword focused Twitter account in the package (along with accounts with the same username for other Web 2.0 properties such as Facebook). Services, such as finding followers, can also be offered.

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by Impact Productions 2009-07-19 09:21:37 pm    

Red Rock Bowling Lanes

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 8

  » Local Businesses

Was just in Las Vegas this weekend and have to agree these lanes are great!

Tip Credibility: 9

submitted by bowling-guy 2014-04-01 04:58:25 pm    

Post a few "Case Studies" on properties you were succesful in selling. highlight pricing, improvements, time on market, lessons learned, and final selling price.

Tip Credibility: 6

submitted by ontargetairsoft 2009-07-31 11:17:33 am    

Register your site with Local Free Directories. Claim your Google Local Listing. Register at merchantcircle.com, insiderpages.com, citysearch.com, local.yahoo.com etc.

Tip Credibility: 6

submitted by waltgoshert 2009-07-20 11:50:13 am    

Sorry folks but the newest update to the Valuframe aluminium profile system catalogue is taking a tad longer that we had imagined to finish off. A sure sign that it could be worth the wait?

Tip Credibility: 5

submitted by sanfo 2010-01-08 01:40:55 pm    

Start your website promotion by listing your site at the most popular Internet directories because they can bring large amounts of traffic and affect your ranking in various search engines.

Tip Credibility: 5

submitted by mikeh1dotcom 2009-09-12 01:05:47 pm    

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