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How to buy a home abroad

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 56

  » Home & Garden

If you think of buying a home abroad, then think twice! It might even be a good idea to rent a house for 6-12 months before you buy your own - If you rent you will get to know the area, and find *the* house even at a better price

Tip Credibility: 97

submitted by askformore 2009-11-10 06:32:59 am    

Garden fertilizers for organics

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 36

  » Home & Garden

Heavy doses of liquid fertilizer from those tank trucks that dope up lawns for greenness soak down into water tables and do great damage. "Greenlawn" trucks should be banned or made to use less harmful chemicals. PLUS they STINK up whole neighborhoods!

Tip Credibility: 86

submitted by trustbc 2009-10-03 09:26:00 pm    

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 31

  » Home & Garden

Save money by making your own laundry soap! Combine two parts grated deodorant soap, one part Borax, and one part washing soda. Buying the ingredients seems expensive at the beginning but it lasts forever. Use only two tablespoons for a normal sized load.

Tip Credibility: 82

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-19 10:21:56 am    

How to Save $700 Million Dollars

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 76

  » Home & Garden

If every American household changed just one inefficient incandescent light to an energy saving and low cost compact fluorescent light bulb we would save nearly 3 quarters of a billion dollars in energy costs per year.

Tip Credibility: 77

submitted by SanDiegoGuides 2010-03-28 01:54:30 am    

Make Your Landscape Look Great All Year

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 40

  » Home & Garden

Plant things in your landscape for all four seasons so something is at it's peak at any given time whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. This way you will avoid an all green yard and always have something blooming.

Tip Credibility: 75

submitted by landocheese 2011-11-10 09:15:55 pm    

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 55

  » Home & Garden

Never use an iron or a hair dryer to dry a carpet stain, this will only seal the stain permanently on your rug.

Tip Credibility: 75

submitted by torontocarpetcleaners 2009-10-23 09:06:02 pm    

How to make cleaning pots and pans easier

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 42

  » Home & Garden

When you've emptied a hot saucepan or frying pan, run a little cold water in it, swill it around and put a lid on it if possible. It will steam itself at least a little and be much easier to wash later.

Tip Credibility: 75

submitted by JudyE 2011-05-28 08:22:23 pm    

How to save money on your electricity bill

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 39

  » Home & Garden

Don't leave appliances on standby, it uses up as much electricity as if it was on. So switch your computer off properly, switch off the TV, go round the house and switch off all appliances you are not using.

Tip Credibility: 74

submitted by Rose 2010-08-14 11:44:54 am    

Just need a little paint from the gallon of paint for touch ups. Pouring is always a mess. Well use that small metal laddle from the kitchen. You can scoop out just what you and then easily wash the laddle.

Tip Credibility: 74

submitted by Discoverycounseling 2011-01-21 05:15:33 pm    

How To Grow A Pineapple

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 74

  » Home & Garden

Grasp the top of a pineapple in your hand and twist the top off - do not cut it, it is likely to simply rot. Place the pineapple top in moist, but not wet, potting soil 2 inches deep. Keep the soil slightly moist and soon it will root.

Tip Credibility: 74

submitted by noryanna 2011-10-26 06:18:13 am    

Use pop to clean

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 40

  » Home & Garden

Coca cola or pepsi has a high acid content and can be used for almost any kind of cleaning this works best with cooker cleaning.

Tip Credibility: 74

submitted by hendokm 2010-12-20 01:39:27 pm    

Liquid Nails is a really high strength construction adhesive that bonds most building materials. Liquid Nails is applied to one side of the join with a caulking gun then the two materials clamped together for 24 hours whilst curing takes place.

Tip Credibility: 74

submitted by Andrew James 2010-11-23 09:33:38 pm    

Get A Security Alarm You Can Be Proud Of

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 39

  » Home & Garden

My security alarm is 120 lb great dane.

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by edtorrez 2011-01-22 05:22:54 pm    

Choose LED Downlights over Halogens

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 73

  » Home & Garden

Thinking of installing Halogen downlights? Seriously consider choosing LED Downlights rather as they will last up to twenty times longer while using about a tenth of the electricity!

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by lightsavers 2010-11-26 03:17:37 am    

Window Cleaning

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 39

  » Home & Garden

Save money on expensive cloths by using kitchen towel for a smear free finish.

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by colman1983 2010-12-11 06:38:44 am    

Longo's Landscaping & Masonry of Long Island, New York suggests cleaning out any dead plants during the fall season. However, if a client's plan is to maintain some kind of vegetation within a garden during the winter season.

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by longoslandscaping 2011-01-14 04:10:06 pm    

Hot to clean a Burned Pot?

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 37

  » Home & Garden

Vinegar might also be a help. Olive oil sometimes does the trick too. Let soak overnight in hot water if really burned. wash out and let the tap run into it while you scrub at it. pour out now and again and refill. That should help

Tip Credibility: 69

submitted by Askme 2010-02-23 06:17:08 pm    

Landscaping with Herbs

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 37

  » Home & Garden

Tired of your lawn looking the same as everyone else's, and of spending so much money in the grocery store, too? Try livening up your cuisine and your yard with herbs! http://hubpages.com/_38opkgokhrt1t/hub/herbs-in-the-landscape

Tip Credibility: 68

submitted by classicalgeek 2010-07-02 06:34:00 pm    

How To Raise Chickens For Meat

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 60

  » Home & Garden

Get some organic wheat, and soak the daily serving in fresh water, rainwater if possible. Soak for 12-24 hrs, as if you were sprouting them. Rinse and feed to the chickens. Sprouted wheat has 6x the vitamin & enzyme value of dry grain. Makes tastier meat.

Tip Credibility: 65

submitted by KiwiSteve 2009-09-12 12:35:07 am    

Buying Greenhouses

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 63

  » Home & Garden

What you need to know about modern greenhouses and their uses. http://hubpages.com/_ifm/hub/Buying-Greenhouses

Tip Credibility: 63

submitted by IzzyM 2009-12-31 08:29:20 pm    

If you are cooking chicken or something that gets your hands greasy, put a plastic baggie on each faucet handle so you can turn on the water while keeping the handles clean!

Tip Credibility: 62

submitted by darlenemichaud 2010-02-17 02:38:37 am    

19) Vertical Gardening — The Peace Lily - Spathiphyllum - Removes carbon dioxide & other poisonous gases from the air and produces quantities of oxygen for your small apartment - Happy growing near windows and other low-light indoor settings.

Tip Credibility: 59

submitted by paid2write 2009-10-13 04:41:41 pm    

Fresh Cut Flowers last longer...

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 24

  » Home & Garden

My mum always used lemonade instead of water in vases for fresh cut flowers and they always lasted twice as long!

Tip Credibility: 59

submitted by tracydukes 2010-01-09 11:45:43 pm    

How To Deodorize your Carpet

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 58

  » Home & Garden

Use a hot water extraction machine add a little baking soda carpet cleaner and Fabuloso.Make sure not to leave the carpet to damp by going back over it with just the vacuum working.

Tip Credibility: 58

submitted by kevin thomas 2009-08-14 06:55:34 pm    

How to grow spinach

  Tip Sheet Credibility: 57

  » Home & Garden

Spinach can over winter if the seedlings are at least one inch tall when the freeze comes.

Tip Credibility: 57

submitted by baltogardener 2010-02-24 09:20:56 am    

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