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Cheap Exfoliating Sponges

  » Beauty & Style

Don't spend money at the drug store on expensive loofah sponges or body scrubbers. Instead, head to your local dollar store and get some medium duty scrubbers from the kitchen sponge section. You'll get the same results for a lot less money.

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submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-28 07:01:23 am    

Get paid to relax and write on Xomba

  » Games & Recreation

I have been publishing bookmarks and articles on Xomba for just over a year. It is a relaxing and lucrative alternative to participating in forums. Follow my journey here, and sign up for yourself!

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submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-25 12:05:52 am    

Simple, Delicious Gravy

  » Food & Drink

For gravy that tastes homemade without any hassle, start with store bought gravy and stir in pan drippings to the desired consistency. Whisk well to incorporate the two and you'll have hot, delicious gravy with no lumps of flour and no starchy taste.

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submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-18 02:22:17 pm    

Online Valentine's Day Games

  » Games & Recreation

Playing short games online is a great way to unwind or to clear a few cobwebs from your mind. Why not play some games related to Valentine's Day? 10 great ones are here:

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submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-09 06:27:09 am    

Valentine's Gifts for $20 or less

  » Family & Relationships

There are some very nice gifts that you can buy your sweetheart without breaking the bank. These gifts are less than $20 with shipping included! Order early so you won't be caught unprepared!

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-01 03:33:22 pm    

Christmas Leftover Trail Mix

  » Food & Drink

Use whatever you have left from your holiday baking to create a sweet and salty trail mix to bring into the New Year. Add chocolate bits, coconut, raisins, oats, nuts, or anything else you have left around. It's delicious and somewhat nutritious.

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2011-01-01 01:39:31 pm    

Christmas to Valentine's Day in a Flash

  » Home & Garden

Grab chocolate, wrapping paper, candles, decor or gift items that aren't obviously decorated for Christmas, and use them for economical Valentine's Day presents. It will be here before you know it!

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-29 03:28:33 pm    

Don't Give Up!

  » Computers & Internet

If you are trying to build passive income by working online, don't give up! Persistence, patience, and volume are the keys to making money from home successfully.

Tip Credibility: 6

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-23 08:29:59 am    

Christmas Themed Escape Games

  » Entertainment & Music

Escape Games are fun and addictive! Can you point and click your way out? All these have a holiday theme - join the fun!

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-23 08:16:06 am    

New Year's Songs

  » Entertainment & Music

I honestly never knew there were so many songs about New Year's. Some are sappy romantic, others nostalgic, some are even angry. Check them out!

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-21 11:56:59 am    

Make Money from the Comfort of Facebook

  » Computers & Internet

You can rake in quite a bit of money working at this crowdsourcing site. Editing and translation tasks pay the most.

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-20 07:00:41 am    

No More Burnt Cookies!

  » Home & Garden

Don't waste money on insulated baking pans. You'll get the same results if you flip your baking sheet over and bake your cookies, rolls, or anything that doesn't run, on the underside.

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-20 06:55:37 am    

Bust Soap Scum

  » Home & Garden

Fabric softener destroys soap scum. Rub a dryer sheet or spray liquid fabric softener around your tub while you're cleaning. It makes a huge difference and smells great.

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-20 06:50:26 am    

Get Rid of a Smelly Garbage Disposal

  » Home & Garden

If your garbage disposal is starting to smell, run your used coffee grounds or a sliced lemon or lime through as needed.

Tip Credibility: 4

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-20 06:47:34 am    

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

  » Home & Garden

Save money by making your own laundry soap! Combine two parts grated deodorant soap, one part Borax, and one part washing soda. Buying the ingredients seems expensive at the beginning but it lasts forever. Use only two tablespoons for a normal sized load.

Tip Credibility: 82

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-19 10:21:56 am    

Dine Out Without Going Broke

  » Dining Out

In the age of supersized portions and supersized prices, it makes sense to order one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert to share. If you just order water with lemon, you won't add to the bill. Just make sure you won't get charged for sharing.

Tip Credibility: 73

submitted by RosalynDavis 2010-12-19 10:17:47 am    

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